Human Resources Functions: Guidelines to Motivate Your Employees

With the tough economic conditions we are experiencing right now, it may become harder to motivate employees to carry out the tasks they have been assigned to do. Human resources functions are vital in this type of situations. You may have become aware that there are a lot more people keeping their heads down and performing the best they can in the hope they will stay clear of the cutting block if staff need to be let go. On the other hand, the unconstructive motivating tool of intimidation, will never go beyond a basic level and also create bad team morale.

So what can you do,if you would like your company to truly achieve something?

Here are some motivational tips and guidelines to help employees perform their best in their work and for their company.

Acknowledge their special day. We’ve all seen those television shows where employers are hosting huge company parties. Well you don’t really have to be that lavish. But simply acknowledging or recognizing an employees’ achievements, such as End Of Financial Year, quarterly targets or big one-off deadlines can really boost your teams motivation. On the other hand, acknowledging individual milestones, such as birthdays or weddings, will show that the company thinks highly of its people. An employee who feels cared for by the company will most likely perform better to give back that feeling.

Provide employees time to do what they want. We all know the term “burn out”. It’s a simple fact that people need some down time so they perform better in high pressure situations. Most employees are compensated to show up to the office to perform the work they are hired to do. Though the majority of an employee’s time should be used up on the tasks that they are compensated to do, many companies are now giving their employees some time to work on other projects that are not company associated. Google is a great example for this kind of motivational approach. They permit their employees 20% of their time at work to work on individual projects that may or may not contribute to the company success in the long-term. This approach fosters innovation, and increases motivation and loyalty

For Google, executing such a human resources functions policy has paid many rewards for the company – many of the company’s most remarkable features are a product of their employees’ experimentation with new ideas throughout of the 20% of the week they are not focused on their day job.

Give employees permission to space out. A study performed by the University of Melbourne, Australia explains that employees who log on to Facebook or Twitter at some point during the day are more dynamic employees. Giving employees a chance to redirect their concentration to things other than work for 10-15 minutes lets them to take a break from the task at hand and an opportunity to refocus their thoughts. This motivation lightens the mind of an employee and gives them a feeling of relief from their usual tasks.

Reward employees for an outstanding work performance. Reward is one of the best ways of human resources functions to motivate employees. Rewards can come in an assortment from extrinsic, material rewards (for example extra compensation, material gits or gift vouchers) to essential rewards such as helping a hard worker feel better about themselves by admiring them for a job well done. This motivation will make them feel important and be inspired to do more.

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